Thematic Matrices

 Before viewing the sample matrices, try completing Step OneStep Two, and Step Three of the The Thinking Citizen Seven Step Guide to the 2016 Election.

View Sample Thematic Matrices

CATEGORY 1: Issue Prioritization 
1. What is the most important domestic issue? 
2. What is the greatest threat to world peace?

CATEGORY 2:  Know Yourself 
3. Principles, Gaps, Solutions

CATEGORY 3: “Other Side” and “Which Side Are You On?” 
4. Other Side/Which Side Are You On Matrix
5. NYT/WSJ Matrix
6. Economic inequality
7. Gun Control
8. Minimum Wage
9. Family Structure Inequality
10. Iran Deal
11. Is the army too big or too small?
12. Full scale war on ISIS?
13. Zip Code Safety Gap
14. Educational Priorities

CATEGORY 4:  Basic Premises 
15. Economics: three principles, three examples
16. Political Science: four laws, four examples
17. Ethics: three laws, four perspectives 
18. Ethics: progressives and libertarians, cultural and economic
19. History: three lessons of history: right, left, center

CATEGORY 5:  How much do I really know?
20. Climate Change Self-Test
21. The American Dream, Part One
22. The American Dream, Part Two

CATEGORY 6: What do those numbers really mean?
23. Race, Gender, Class

CATEGORY 7: Candidate Selection Matrices
24. Issues
25. Experience
26. Character
27. Winnability

CATEGORY 8: Process Checklists
28. Logical, Statistical, Visual Trick Detection

CATEGORY 9: Civic Autobiography
29. Civic Autobiography – Principles, Action, Voting

(All views expressed are provisional, pending new facts and further thought)
- John Muresianu, 8/27/15